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My name is Jodi Plyler and I’ve been in Charleston since 2007 when we moved for my husband's job with the Mount Pleasant Police Department. We have grown to love Charleston so much and I'm so grateful for this outlet to share that love with you!


We have 2 children born in 2011(boy) and 2014(girl). In 2008, I was bitten by the entrepreneur bug and I opened my first business, A Tail Waggin’ Good Time where I offered pet sitting services in clients homes. As of 2020 I have closed that business but through it, I gained a reputation of being a person my clients could trust allowing me entry into their homes. Once I had my son in 2011, I realized, I needed a job with more flexible hours so my photography business, Tickled Blue was born in the year 2012.


Through that business, I have been able to meet some wonderful families both local or traveling from as far as England and Canada. I've always sort of given insider tips to my clients whether it was just a restaurant recommendation or ideas of things they could do while in town. I decided just recently to turn that love into an actual thing and so Charlestonmydarling was born. The Instagram came a year earlier as a creative outlet where I would post my photos of my walks around town. I have since closed out the instagram as I have left the social media platform altogether.


My experience comes with not only being a local and living here for the past almost 15 years, but also from gaining a glowing reputation as a business owner in the Charleston community since 2008. I’m excited to pass along the knowledge I’ve gained from just wandering around with my camera and finding all the hidden gems from best places to park your car, best places to see a Charleston sunset and beyond to you in the form of helping you plan your perfect Charleston get-away or staycation ;)


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