I get asked almost daily about my hair. The MOST common question is 'is that your natural color' followed by 'is your hair naturally curly'?

Well, the answer is Yes and Yes, but I do use some products to help enhance what nature gave so i created this little page on my blog to tell.you.all.about.it!!

There are 3 easy ways to buy.

Straight Retail $36 per bottle

Become a VIP, pay $31 per bottle +one time 19.99 fee.

As a VIP, you get to enjoy naturally based, amazing haircare products at 15% off, free shipping +a free product with all qualified flexship orders and more! 

Sign up as a market partner like me! As a market partner, you get 30% off products as well as an opportunity to sell the products and make a profit. Small side gig while improving your hair? Why not? Please email me for more info on how to get started! If you're planning to buy a system anyway(shampoo, conditioner, styling product, this is the best way to go. The $199 product pack gets you the oil as well as the shampoo+conditione I use and love)

I will help you decide where to start & help you pick what you need whether it's just to try this amazing curl cream or some really amazing dry shampoo!


You'll need to create an account to order at any level. My Market Partner ID is: 834530, so you can sign up under me :)

I am signed up as a market partner simply b/c I like 

the lower rates I get...wholesale vs. retail! I love this magic in a bottle!


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