Pink Hunt Charleston-{things to do in charleston sc spring break}

Spring break is coming! For some, maybe it just began and you’re looking for fun things to do with your family. Well, I not only have a fun one for you, but a FREE one! 

Scoop up your pink loving little ones and take a fun walk through Charleston one morning or evening using my route below, take some photos and make some memories together!

Or, calling all Bachelorettes! Need something different to do on your getaway to Charleston? Here you go!

In case they don’t like pink though, I’ve got you covered! CLICK HERE for the Orange home hunt alternative 🙂


Of course you can use your cell phone, but how fun is an instant camera?

The kids can easily tote these and get an instant print out! I love that.





Along the route below, I’ll mention several un-pink photo ops so don’t forget to stop there too and snag pics.





Let’s begin!

Park along the battery. You can park for free all day along the wall on Murray Blvd OR for up to 2 hours free on the park side.


Head up East Bay from Murray Blvd and keep those eyes peeled. We’re starting with this one bc it’s my daughters favorite. 

~This use to be a bed and breakfast, but sold for, get this, 6.5 million and has turned back into a private residence. :(.

…Continue walking down east bay either along the water or on the sidewalk side. Either side is a great view. 

Photo OP: As the battery wall ends, make your way to the other side of the street for a photo op!

The entrance to longitude lane is remarkable! There’s great sunset light in the evenings or face the other way for a photo op in the mornings.

*at this point you can take the longer way to the next pink house & walk down longitude ln., down church (to the left) one block, then turn left onto stolls alley and come right back out on east bay to continue the pink house hunt. 

As you begin to pass tradd street on your left, this intersection is another great PHOTO OP!

Cars can’t park in front of the teal home and if you stand on the cobble stone side, you can get great evening light, cobblestone, and a teal house. Get in the photo as a candid shot crossing the street. 

We are almost to our next pink house. 

~You’ll come to rainbow row on your left. Between the blue and purple is the pink house! Grab that shot & keep walking.

Turn left onto Elliott St. Continue down this street until you cross over church st.

~36 Elliot Street-on your right. If there are no cars, the wall on the side makes a great pink wall shot!

~Continue up this street and you’ll come to one more on your left, 11 St. Michaels Alley.

Continue and turn left onto meeting street. 

~On the right hand side there is another beautiful pink fence. It’s a more rustic pink, but it’s worth a photo, especially in evening light.

Turn around and go back towards broad street now and cross over it. Keep walking until you get to Chalmers Street. Turn right. Follow chalmers up until you see 

~22 Chalmers. A cute pink home with a palmetto tree out front.

Cross over church street to find my favorite one, 

~ the pink house on your right.

Continue to the end of chalmers and turn left onto state street for your final pink house.

~44 state street. This is the brightest of the pinks and even has a cute pink mailbox out front.

Sometimes you can get a fabulous shot of this one from across the street when there are no cars parked out front.


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Bonus pinks!-How many more pink homes/walls/fences did you find along this route?

Charleston is a city of pink so you’re sure to spot many more if you keep walking.

What did you think? If you enjoyed this little jaunt, please feel free to pin it, share it, post it, etc!

Don’t forget I want to see the photos of you and your littles on your hunt for pink houses, so post your photos below for a chance to win a free canvas!!

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Next up….

Orange Home Hunt

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Stay Tuned 😉

xo friends, 


Let’s Go to Charleston

By Jodi Plyler

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