The Orange House Hunt-{charleston sc things to do on spring easter break}

In case you don’t like pink….the orange alternative….

Some hunt for eggs, some hunt for homes! Since I’m posting this just before Easter, let’s look at these hunts as more of a unique take on Easter egg hunts. These get you moving and exploring areas of Charleston you may have never seen before or may never see were it not for you finding this blog :).

These are also a great idea for Bachelorette/Bachelor trip ideas. Something different and totally out of the norm!

Plus, your kids will be happy to snag photos in front of the home you found, so you might get a smile out of them after all, or at least a bit of cooperation :). You’re welcome!


Let’s get started on Church St. where it meets broad.

Begin walking towards the market and you’ll come to your first orange wall/building on your left. You can go into this parking lot a bit or just use the wall facing the sidewalk for this shot.

Continue on church passing dock street theatre.

Look to your right for your next orange building. I love the orange and brick together on this building.  Grab a shot here wherever you see fit!

You will find your 3rd one in a paler orange on the right as you get to cumberland st.

Continue towards the market and take a break here to grab some grub/coffee/shopping/rest! There’s an air conditioned/heated section of the market  now if you need to cool off/warm up!

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Part ii is in more of a residential area on the other side of the market called The Buroughs. You’ll love walking through this adorable neighborhood.

Begin part ii back on church street now heading away from the market to the opposite side you began on.

Turn right onto Pinckney, then a left onto Anson. (Anson will be our main road for part ii)

Where Anson meets Wentworth, you’ll find your next orange home on the corner! Grab your shot!

Continue down Anson and turn right onto Society St. This bright orange home has a beautiful palmetto right out front and may be our brightest orange home on the hunt!

Walk  back towards Anson street and turn right. Follow until you come to George St….or take the slight detour listed below…

~Photo Op: The house right on this corner as you turn onto Anson from Society is a beautiful shade of green similar to the popular one on East Bay st.(See Pink House Hunt Blog Post) Grab a fun shot here if you wish.

Bonus: There’s another orange house just past this green home on Society(on your left)+(you can see it in the photo above on the left), there may be cars blocking a good shot, but if you want to snag a bonus home, there you go:)

Get back onto Anson and keep going towards George. As you come to George street, there’s a quaint little park on your right. It’s called Theodora Park.


Don’t you just love that? Stop here for some rest or shade 🙂

After a rest, turn left onto George st. from Anson for the final orange home. This one is a doozie. It’s huge and you can grab a shot of this one from the alley next to it, or from right out front. The alley next to it is called George Burges Lane.

It features some cool cobblestone, and a very cool shot looking back towards the blue door on the home across from it…

You did it! The orange home hunt is complete!

From here you can get richt back onto meeting street for more eating/shopping. You’re very close to Hymans which is always a good choice.

I hope you had fun, got some great shots and enjoyed a side of Charleston you may not have seen were it not for this house hunt.

If you’re thirsty for more,  I also have a fun pink house hunt, just CLICK!

One last thing, don’t forget to post your photos in my comments section, share this with a friend, post it, pin it, whatever. Don’t keep the fun all to yourself.

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