She Doesn’t Want Flowers-{charleston sc mothers day gift and ideas}

She doesn’t want flowers.

Ok, well maybe she does, BUT I guarantee you what she also wants is some good old fashioned quality time.

The good news is, if none of my ideas suit you, give her a red card with a bullseye on it! She’ll know what to do 😉

So what it is that she wants?….

Quality Time! She just wants to spend time with you and her children. If you plan a day of total time spent, you’ll win extra points, I guarantee.

~Plan a Picnic

These spots are in Charleston, but if you’re not local, I’m sure you can find a super fab spot to take her for a picnic

  1. Hampton Park(pictured)-I love this option b/c it’s full of areas where you can get away from the crowd at the park. You can sit in the shade, feed the ducks, and walk after you eat. There are also bathrooms there.
  2. Waterfront Park Downtown-I love the views here and the of course the breeze. (there are bathrooms!! They’re near the big fountain)
  3. The Battery-This is my all time favorite place for picnics. Don’t forget to bring a ball to kick or throw around with the kids. (no bathrooms 🙁 ..)
  4. Canon Park-located just off of Calhoun Street near MUSC. This park is smaller, but a nice escape from the crowds and most likely locals only.
  5. Brittle bank Park-Do this one at sunset for a beautiful view over the ashley river. PLUS, there’s a pier AND A playground so it’s a win for everyone. Just don’t go when there’s a River Dogs game b/c they use that parking for the games.

Others worth a visit….

  1. Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park
  2. Alhambra Hall
  3. Pitt St. Bridge
  4. Daniel Island Waterfront Park

~Take her for a fun (short) hike! No matter where you live, there are places to go for a hike. Here are some I’ve found and love in our area.

  1. The most recent one I found is called Marsh View Trail. It’s a fun and easy trail with the kids and ends on the marsh between IOP and Sullivans. It’s located right behind the Mount Pleasant Waterworks facility.

2.  Spend the morning hiking or biking the West Ashley Greenway. Start the morning off with breakfast or coffee at Normandy Farms in Windermere. Along this greenway, you will find some playgrounds for the kids to stop at or maybe even a cool place to stop and explore

3. Old Santee Canal State Park- I have not done this trail, but its a short less than 2 mile trail. Be prepared to pay to enter this park. Plan a day there though and bring a picnic!

4. James Island County Park- There’s tons to do here besides hiking, but the trails here go along the water and offer great views and places to sit and rest. There’s a playground, a spray and play, dog park + a waterpark in the summer months. There is a per person entry fee, but it’s not much.

5.Shem Creek Park-this one isn’t exactly a trail, but it’s a nice walk along a pier with plenty of stops to sit, dolphin watching, pelican watching and if you go in the evening, it’s a spectacular sunset! If the tide is low, you can even walk out into the Marsh. The kids will surely love this part! There’s also plenty of dining options here so grab a bite while you’re there.

Less of a hike, more of a stroll…..

~Take her on a stroll though downtown Charleston and buy her a bouquet of Gulla Roses! I suggest beginning at The battery and choosing a side street from there. Church, King, East Bay or Legare are wonderful options from there and you can circle back easily down a different street for a new scene to take in. The best part is that parking is free for up to 2 hours along the park, OR all day along the water! You can usually find the gulla roses at the market, sometimes the battery gazebo or near waterfront park.

Just about every town has a main street or ‘downtown’ area. Explore that place in your own town, wherever it may be.

~Feel like just staying home? Start her day with breakfast, obviously, and then buy some ingredients to bake or cook something together.  If she’s game, it could be cooking breakfast together, cookies, pancakes, a pie, a quiche, anything like that to just spend time together in the kitchen.

Other ‘almost’ free and at home ideas:

~Spa day for the girls at home. Gather up some face masks, the nail polish, and robes and let the girls do their thing.

~Make a fire and just hang in the backyard.

~Take a family bike ride through the neighborhood or nearby trails.

So, there you go. Some ideas to get you thinking and planning a special day for the mother in your life!




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