Best Charleston Sunsets-{things to do in charleston sc}

Who doesn’t love a killer sunset? We all do and some of us are always chasing it. 

I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 places to catch a Charleston sunset to share with you!


My top sunset location isn’t even in downtown and is a true gem in itself. I could do a whole post about it, but for sunsets, it’s the place to be.

Let’s count them down…..

5. Downtown-Battery Wall-Murray Blvd. Side.-Bring a chair or just walk along the battery as it sets. The breeze will be delightful and the view breathtaking as it sets among the boats docked at the harbor.

**On my latest sunset watch, a nice lady who lived nearby stopped to tell us about the Coast Guard’s evening flag routine. My almost 7 year old was with me and I thought he’d enjoy it so we stayed to watch. They played the Bugle Call once it set to let them know, then once again before a member of the Coast Guard came out to take down the 3 flags. It was cool to watch it and I can’t believe I’ve lived here this long and never knew they did that. This happens at the very end of Murray Blvd.**


4. Brittlebank Park- This park is off Lockwood Blvd right next to the river dogs stadium. Actually, if there’s a game, you can catch the sunset while watching some baseball, but the park will also suffice. Find a bench and just take in the colors. You’ll have plenty of privacy and if you have kids, they can play on the playground before the magic begins.


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3. Queen Street Garage just off the Broad Street end of King street- I love any view from a top a parking garage, but especially the view of a lowcountry sunset among the housetops of Charleston. This one is my favorite followed closely by the deck on East Bay Street by waterfront park. I particularly like this garage b/c it’s very quiet and peaceful. The evening I watched this sunset, I was the only one up there!



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2. Pitt Street Bridge-This unique spot at the end of Pitt Street in Mount Pleasant is so peaceful and lovely. There are benches, but you can also just bring your quilt to chill and watch the magic. You’ll have a cool view of downtown charleston in the distance(see how many steeples you can find), sullivans island lighthouse on the other side, and the cooper river bridge arches in the distance. You can walk to the end of the bridge and watch the boats along the intracoastal waterway, see the fishermans catches & take in some of the birds and wildlife too.

*In these photos, the sun didn’t play along, but you can imagine just how beautiful it would be with the sun right behind downtown and the bridge.*


1 This one is my top spot. I love catching a Shem Creek sunset. Something about the sun setting against a nautical scene feels so right. There’s so much to see here besides the sun set too including dolphins, pelicans, egrets, boats coming to and fro, & exploring the marsh if the tide is low. If you’re there during shrimp season, it’s also cool to watch those shrimp boats come in after a day at sea. The birds greet them and it’s just a fun sight to see and will make for some wonderful photos too. After you take in that sunset, you have plenty of dining options to fill your belly or take in a cocktail.

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So, there you have it. Get yourself to one of these amazing lowcountry locations. Whether you are one of the lucky ones to live here all the time, or you’re planning a trip, make sure you take in some sunset magic!


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