Charleston sc travel guide-{charleston sc hidden alley ways}


I love a good alley and taking the kids to explore them.

Downtown Charleston is full of them and they’re usually nice and shaded so they give a refreshing break in the summer when you’re out exploring downtown!

Here’s a list of my favorite ones:

I call this one Little Philly b/c it resembles the more well known Philadelphia Alley but this one is located between Hasell and Pinckney Streets.

Longitude Lane. I adore the cobblestone at the church street entrance, the cozy blue and most adorable window in all of Charleston, and especially the way it opens up on the east bay side. It’s beautiful!

As of 2022….It’s no longer blue!! It was good while it lasted…

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Stolls- Right next door to Longitude. The brick road and quaint homes along this alley make it super interesting and unique. It narrows towards the east bay side, but still wide enough to fit a single stroller.

Unity Alley-This one begins/ends either off east bay(restaurant row), or state street. Another brick road that is a great cut through from busy East Bay to very quiet and quaint state street.

Just a few blocks over is Lodge Alley, also between East Bay and State. I love the steeple view from this alley. Stand in the alley and look back towards State for the view.


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Philadelphia Alley-this one is probably the most popular one. You’ll find it between Cumberland and Queen St. There’s one spot in particular in this alley that suddenly feels cold! It’s kind of eery. See if you can find it.

Coast Alley-This one probably isn’t on any other list you’ll find, but I love the feel of it. It runs between John and Hutson St. One cool tidbit if you’re a Nicholas Sparks fan is that a scene in the movie Dear John shows them walking by right here. 🙂 This alley is also very near the kids museum and this side of King offers plenty of dining and dessert options! BUT, my suggestion is to book your reservation to eat AT Coast! It’s delicious and was my first favorite restaurant in Charleston. They are only open for dinner, but the vibe is cool and it can be fancy or casual.

Prices Alley-Another cut through type of alley between Meeting and King St. close to the battery.


St. Micahels Alley-This one is between Church and Meeting St. and I like it b/c it’s just quiet and cute.

Maiden Lane- The only reason this one made the list is b/c of it’s cobblestone street and brick sidewalk. It is mostly lined by a parking lot, but if you’re looking for more cobblestone, there you go.

Burns Ln.-A cut through from Meeting to King. I love this palmetto lined alley. It’s full of cool textures too for some fun photos! 😉

*It’s also where the CofC Cougars play basketball!!

George Burgess Lane-This one is located in the Buroughs neighborhood and is very near King Street. I love the cobble/brick combo

So, there’s some you may have heard of, but some you may not have given much thought to, but are worth checking out.

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