Pawley’s Island Family Vacation-{lowcountry family travel guide}

Pawley’s Island Get-a-way rundown.

Big post coming later, but here’s a snippet of our quick get-a-way to Pawley’s Island in i-phone snaps.

+scroll down for something new I’ll start doing for each trip post called ‘the real’ 😉

We aren’t strangers to Pawley’s Island, in fact, we’ve been going since 2004. Tommy’s family goes for a full week every June and they let us crash a few days and soak up some fun.

My Suit!

Her Suit!

Pawley’s is a serene 1 hour and 45 minute trip straight up hwy 17 from Charleston so it’s an easy weekend get-a-way when you just need a change of scenery!

During this trip, the hubs and I got a date night to the Marsh Walk at Murrells Inlet, but mostly, we just hung out under the pier(b/c I’m all about that shade), fished and ate…a lot :).

Some top 5 to hold you over until my next post ;):

-Habaneros Mexican in Pawley’s-get the Marlow special and sit outside!

-Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk-Saturday nights live music!!

-Lee’s Inlet Kitchen-old fashioned fried up seafood

-Drive the historic district-from N. Causeway Rd. in Pawleys, turn right onto Myrtle Ave. Some of the homes that weren’t destroyed by hurricanes date back to the 1800s and are very cool to see.

-Pawley’s Island Village Deli & Creamery-our must stop every year for ice-cream. I love the Mint Chocolate Chip


The Real:

I can’t show all these ‘perfect’ pics without also getting real about our trips. Every family, I don’t care who you are has hiccups and bumps in everyday life, but always on trips where you are out of your norm.

Here are ours in every bit of their glory…

What you don’t see in my photos and details of our trip is that on day one, after driving down, unloading all of our stuff, spending about 20+ minutes suiting everyone up+sunscreen for a glorious afternoon on the beach, my daughter stubbed her toe on the way out the door (going back for a hat I should’ve known she wouldn’t wear anyway) and couldn’t pull herself together enough to even fully make it to our spot on the beach.  So guess what, instead of enjoying the beach with everyone else, she and I spent our first hours of vaca in the room while she napped off a 3 year old meltdown. I did get to read a book in peace as she slept resting on me, so that’s my take away from it, but man this was not my best parenting or vacation moment. 


The mini fight I get into with my husband every year over how much I pack for this beach trip. A girl needs options at the beach and I tend to change about 3 times a day when I’m at the beach. Can I get an Amen?


The fact that I was so excited to get photos of Georgetown but my husband wanted to go fishing rather than driving with me down there. How dare he, lol ;). We decided we’d do that on our way back through coming home, but guess what, it rained & stormed this morning so that was a no-go. 

The non-stop fights between my children who when they play together it’s heaven, but when they decide to aggravate the living daylights out of each other, you literally want to just pull out your hair.

So, enjoy my vacation tips & pics, but please know that no matter how perfect they appear, we have our hang-ups, just as all families do and I’ll be sure to post those here as well so we can all relate to just how not so glamorous family vacations can be.

In my next post about Pawley’s with more photos(after I come out from under my pile of catching up), I’ll do a whole rundown of the coast from Georgetown up to Murrells Inlet full of a list of fun things to do, places to eat, and must see’s from one stop to the next. Yay, stay tuned yo!



Jodi and Fam



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