Let’s go Glamping-{charleston sc family travel guide}

I couldn’t be more excited about this new venture for our family. We decided, there’s no time like the present to do something like this. Our kids are no longer babies and we have an itch to just go places and make new memories.

So…let me introduce you to, our still un-named, CAMPER!

We just brought this bad boy home last week, but it was all kinds of brown & I just couldn’t let us take off for our first trip without making it more cozy.

I bought just 2 yards of fabric at the local place for just $10. Actually, it was ‘damaged’, so they even gave me a discount. The damage was just a dark spot that I easily cut around.

To cover the valances, I used velcro to hold the fabric in place and did a lot of tucking as well. 

I bought the pillows to use instead of the seat back cushions, which to me, may be even better than covering them. I love the look and feel of having comfy big pillows there instead.

The bed spreads on the kids bunks are old quilts I never used for photo shoots anymore so I washed them up really good and they fit perfectly on their beds.

I bought the big bed comforter for $29 from Target and the little plant for $10.

The HELLO mat is from Target– it’s my favorite welcome mat ever. I have it at my studio, front door at home, and now in the camper.

It looks totally different inside with the pops of color and I love it & am just so excited to get going somewhere.

I have a few more things to do to it, like cover that brown table with some vinyl & maybe cover those seat cushions with some dark gray instead of brown, a new shower curtain, and maybe a door cover but I love how it looks for now.

So, keep following along on my blog to see where we go this summer and beyond.






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