Friday Favorites-{charleston sc lifestyle and travel blogger}

Some things are just too good to keep to yourself.

Here are my current faves…

1 Christopher Robin Movie. This movie is just the all time feel good film. I took the kids earlier in the week and just fell in LOVE. We had to get up twice for them to pee which is actually very unusual, but my son drank most of our shared sprite, then almost choked on popcorn, so he then drank almost all of the water I also brought. So, we were in the bathroom too much, BUT the good news is, that just means I need to go back and watch it again, to see the parts I missed of course ;)!!

2 Maple Street Biscuit Co-Just when I thought I missed out on this restaurant in St. Augustine, Charleston got it’s own a week later! They just opened up on James Island and the kids and I finally checked it out today. It was delicious, the customer service was on point and the food was amazing! I’ll be back with the hubs very soon!! One thing they do that I thought was very unique is they ask you a ‘question of the day’ when you order so that when they call your order, it’s whatever your answer was! Today’s question was ‘what was your first concert’? Mine….Alan Jackson! I got quite the kick out of them calling me by Alan Jackson and couldn’t help but belly laugh over thinking that my husband would have had to say ‘Dixie Chicks’!! Oh yes. Wish he were there with me today :).

3 ‘I’m going to give you a bear hug’ book by Caroline Cooney: I took the kids to B&N this week and this book jumped out at me. The very first book I bought for my son before he was born was ‘hugless Douglas’ by David Melling and it’s still one of my favorite kids books. I guess I have a thing for books about hugs. I read this one and had to have it. It’s a perfect bedtime book! Snatch it up.

4 Sugar Bakeshop on Cannon Street. Their cupcakes…just go. They are a true delight and are sure to turn any day around! Just go for the smell in there alone! It’s heavenly, I promise you!

5 Monopoly Jr.-Rainy day/long summer day savior! If you have kids from about 5+, get yourself this game! I use to love it as a kid and thankfully I still have my ‘vintage’ version of it that I pulled out for the kids. The new version is a bit upgraded/different, but just the same I am sure. My 7 year old son LOVES it and my 4 year old is old enough to keep up with help. 

6 Summer tanks. Summer is nearing it’s end and that just means summer attire is going on clearance, but summer weather is far from over, amen? I love these tanks from AE! I got both colors. They fit just right, flowy at the waist (perfect for a side knot), and then up enough around your underarms to not show your bra. 

Snag em’ while they’re on sale!!

7 And then can I plug my current favorite photo I’ve taken in a long time? I love the sun flare(do you see the peace sign), and the summer AND even fall vibe this photo gives off. It just makes me feel good, hopefully you too! 🙂

Take me away….to Charleston…



That’s it for this week. Treat yourself




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