Nashville, TN-{Nashville TN with kids}

We took this trip back in April for the kids spring break and here I am JUST NOW posting about it.

We flew out of Charleston for a one stop trip to Nashville. Looking back now at these photos,  I can’t believe how much the kids have changed in that short amount of time.

Hallie was missing her two front teeth and now they’re all grown in and she looks so much different.


Opryland-the kids LOVED this hotel and I wish we had stayed here. They have an indoor waterpark in the hotel now, plenty of shops and cute little bistros. We took the boat ride and just enjoyed strolling through each garden.

Ryman Theater-What a beautiful place to visit. It’s small, but as you walk around and think about ALL the concerts and events that have taken place there, it’s like a moment of awe.

The stained glass windows are beautiful and I could have just sat in this place for hours.

We did the tour and got to see some of the backstage dressing rooms. This place was certainly the highlight of the trip for me.

Walk the Pedestrian Bridge-Pretty views of the city.

Centennial Park: We took an Uber to see this park. I wasn’t super impressed as it was much smaller than I imagined. It’s possible we missed a path or something, but Hampton Park in Charleston is 10,000x more beautiful and spread out than this park was.

The area of town was a bit sketchy as well, but the park structure was pretty to see and the greenery was a pretty escape from the city where we were staying.


Goo Goo Cluster-A must stop for kids

Elixir Coffee-near the Ryman

Tennessee Brew Works-off the beaten path, but worth it for a place away from the crowds and bustle

Acme-multi-level restaurant where each floor is so unique. They also have a rooftop section! It’s right by the pedestrian bridge and the food was wonderful.

On the night we arrived, we found a mexican restaurant across the street from our hotel called Cinco De Mayo. It was delicious!


The Johnny Cash store was pretty cool.

Any of the boot stores along broadway are worth a walk through just to ‘window shop’.


We booked a flight/hotel combo and stayed at the Westin BUT if I had it to do again, we would have stayed at OpryLand where it was much more kid friendly, low key and more our style.


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