Currently loving in May-{Charleston sc}

Hat and glasses +Hallie Swimsuit

My swimsuit

Links to all items:


Purse -perfect for spring into summer!

-others I love here and here

curl cream – I’ve been straightening my hair out lately, but have found this curl cream does the trick when I’m feeling curly. It’s light, smells woodsy which I love, and a little goes a long way to hold those curls.

Top – I love this dainty shirt by Lauren conrad! This particular pattern is so cute for spring.

christie affair Book – historical fiction, drama, I loved this book.

“A young person can’t know her life, what it will be or how it will unfold. When you grow older, you gain a sense that hardships occupy particular moments in time, which by and by will pass. But when you’re young, a single moment seems like the whole world.”

“love and reason have never been well acquainted”

“Whoever coined the phrase ‘the pitter patter of little feet” might be the most brilliant person in history. How the sound filled the house, the music of a child living inside it”

hat – (pictured above) tan on tan, gotta love it and will match everything but provide plenty of shade for that face!

tanner – my go-to sunless tanner.

sunglasses – I love how these have a twist on a classic aviator shade. (pictured above)

red swimsuit

-Other retro swim suits I love:

Red plaid + Blue Plaid

golden couple book – Interesting page turner. 

“Time is a chameleon. It’s ever changing, cannily adapting to circumstances. It stretches out some tiny moments for an eternity. Then it shifts course and swallows up whole days, years even as if they never existed. It’s as slippery and elusive as water running through the cracks in a tightly cupped hand.”


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