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I thought I’d share some things I’ve recently discovered that have just really made my life a tad bit easier. From the best book light ever to scrunchies with pockets. Some of these items would make great gift ideas as well!

Book Light– I use this way more than I ever thought I might. Lately as I sit in my car and wait on my kids at football and cheer, this little light allows me to read as it gets dark.

Car Coolers!-I love these for farmers markets or grocery trips when I have more stops to make but need to get cold items at the store. They are so super handy.

+ice packs!

Latch Hook Kits-These have been a big hit this summer for my daughter. She loves making these and then having something to show when she’s done. They keep her busy in the car waiting on big brother at practices too!

Pink Poodle Kit – There are many patterns to choose from! 

  Pot Holder Kit-another great option if they like latch hook!

Mini Fan! You just never know when you might need this little gadget. I love to have it with me just in case, but it’s very useful at my kids sporting events, even for sitting in the car with the windows down! It easily hooks on chairs and just about anything to give you your own personal breeze.

Blue Tooth Speaker-This is my favorite blue tooth speaker. We use it at the pool, on golf cart and bike rides, at the ball field, etc. I love the different color combos you can pick from too.

Scrunchies with pockets!!-These are the neatest little things and so useful. They perfectly fit a chapstick, some cash and gum! Another option

Cloud Key Holder– Magnetic! Makes keeping up with keys so super easy. This two pack will give you one for the front door and one for the back!

Detangle Brush!- Good for kids or adults!

Kids Knife-So they can help with prep without getting hurt!

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