Currently Loving In September-{Charleston sc favorite things}


Other Birds– This is one of those books that makes me thankful for Book of the Month. It’s a book that never would have been on my radar, like Darling Girl, but a book I’m so glad I read. It’s a happy little book with a hint of mystery and I truly enjoyed making my way through it. If Mallow Island was real, I imagine it would be like a Beaufort or Amelia Island. It’s another book that made me hungry for anything Mac wanted to whip up :).

“you’re good at sweeping people up in your enthusiasm”

“I can’t hold onto the past & grab for the future at the same time”

“There are birds, and then there are other birds. Maybe the don’t sing. Maybe the don’t fly. Maybe they don’t fit in. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be an other bird than just the same old thing”

Just Right Cross Body– I love this bag as a replacement from one I posted from Target a few months back. I left it on my desk with the strap hanging down and my little blue bunny got a hold of it and tore right through the strap. The hardest part will be choosing what color you want! The gray will match EVERYTHING as will the nude and brown ones, but I love the hunter green and mustard for fall!

Body Suit: I love a body suit and jeans! Old navy has all the colors and on sale right now.

Leopard Black Leggings- I LOVE these leopard leggings. They are bold, no doubt, but I love them so much.

Orange Peel Simmer Pot- You have to try this easy simmer pot combination this fall! It smells heavenly. It’s orange peels, cinnamon sticks and clove. Add water as needed and let it fill your home with scents of fall.

Top Gun Maverick Movie-FINALLY saw this on Amazon Cinema Early Release and loved it. Such a good movie that will stand the test of time, just like the first one did.

Blue Button Down-A fresh button down for fall! Always in style and classic.

Leopard Pointed Toe Flats! I love the curve at the toes to help better flatter your foot! So many colors. I love the leopard, light gray and the Hot Pink :o!

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