Homeade Alfredo Sauce-{charleston sc recipes}

Happy Carolina Day.

In honor of Carolina Day, I thought I’d share a recipe just for fun.

Homeade Alfredo Sauce!

It’s perfect for an extravagent pasta dish or a super quick weeknight dish using a frozen pasta like tortellini with fresh  diced tomatoes. It’s easy and delicious and you will use it over and over again and I promise you will never buy jarred pasta sauce again!


1/4 cup butter

1/4 cup all purpose flour

1 cup Parm-grated

1 cup whole milk

1 oz ranch seasoning


Here’s whatcha do:

Melt butter

Whisk in flour until a paste is formed

Cook 1-2 minutes-stir frequently

whisk in milk

Cook on low and heat until slightly thick. Remove from heat and stir in parm until melted.

Stir in Ranch packet.

Pour over prepared pasta and serve immediately!

What is Carolina Day?

On June 28th 1776, a small band of S. Carolina Patriots defeated the British Royal Navy in the Battle of Sullivan’s Island!


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